What is CleverVoice?

We think that with ever more emails and texts – the role for actual voice messages is more important, adding personality and emotion.

But how do you leave a voice message on someone’s mobile without disturbing them with a call? If you ring them, they may answer! How do you leave a voice message for 10, 100 or a 1000 people in one go to save time and money?

CleverVoice enables you to effectively place a voice mail directly onto anyone’s mobile phone, but without calling them. They get alerted with a personal text message from you – and they can pick it up when convenient. They can respond with a variety of options – which you can track online so you know who has had the message – and if they perhaps want a call back or more information sent to them.

The service can be used for one-to-one messages – but really comes into its own when you want to send the same message to large numbers of people – in your voice, at the touch of a button. A simple and effective way to talk to your team, clients or prospective customers.

The CleverVoice benefits:

Save time and money: rather than making calls – send a voice message to a small group or to thousands of people – just at the touch of a button.

Powerful & personal: better than text or email – say what you want to say, in your own voice – but without disturbing people with an inconvenient & intrusive call. Stand out by delivering a more personal and emotional message.

Interactive: you know who has listened to your messages and when – and can track their responses in real-time.

Quick & Simple: easy to use – no software to download. You can send messages to any mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Convenient: recipients get a personalised alert message which can say who the message is from and the subject (rather than just “you’ve got voicemail”) – so they can choose to listen immediately, or wait until convenient.

The CleverVoice benefits:

Just 3 easy steps to send a message:

You choose who you want the message to go to – using your address book already set-up on CleverVoice, like an e-mail. You can import names and numbers easily from Outlook, or from your database.

Decide what you want to say on a text message sent to the recipients – alerting them to the message you have left.

Record your message, and when happy – send it, and all your recipients will receive an alert – that’s it!

What then? The recipients get the alert, dial in, and pick-up your message. (Recipients can respond if you wish to options you can set up – then you can track who has received the message and their responses).