CleverVoice increases the power of mobile marketing and voice-based campaigns with launch of Hot Call Transfer

CleverVoice launches Hot Call Transfer functionality
October 12, 2014
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CleverVoice increases the power of mobile marketing and voice-based campaigns with launch of Hot Call Transfer

New cloud-based service enables companies to boost campaigns with creative voice and text capabilities.
Intuitive call transfer functionality improves engagement and leads to higher rates of conversions, renewals and donations

London, 11th September 2013: CleverVoice, a provider of cloud-based messaging systems for marketing and communications professionals, today launched Hot Call Transfer, a new call transfer capability that enables organisations to connect and engage with consumers over SMS and voicemail and increase direct marketing campaign conversions. CleverVoice delivers intuitive call transfer functionality, combined with a personalised voicemail broadcast service to improve customer service and retention rates.

With CleverVoice, organisations can use the power of voice and text as part of their customer marketing initiatives, and deliver messages in minutes. The new release, featuring Hot Call Transfer, integrates an intuitive call management option for customers. After listening to a voice message, respondents can use Hot Call Transfer to be put through to the organisation at the touch of a button. During beta deployments of the new service, 70% of message respondents chose to connect to a call line to get further information or take action immediately rather than ask for the traditional call back. Having customers transferred with the Hot Call Transfer feature avoids costly repeated outbound calling by senders to prospects and puts the customer in control of the point of interaction. CleverVoice tracks responses to campaigns in real-time, including how many respondents have listened to their messages, used Hot Call Transfer or other choices such as ‘request a call back’ or ‘send more information’.

“With the new release of CleverVoice we have combined the power of creative direct messaging with advanced call handling capabilities that make customer marketing even more effective,” said Keith Hawkins, CEO of CleverVoice. “The new platform provides a way to capture and deliver key messages, for example using a celebrity or a chief executive voice, and makes it easier for message recipients to take immediate action. The service is ideal for organisations running subscription renewals, following up on services, confirming arrangements for events or boosting donation campaigns.”

Racing UK, a leading satellite and cable channel dedicated to horse racing, has used the CleverVoice system and new Hot Transfer Call feature to increase its subscriptions. Clive Cottrell, Director of Marketing at Racing UK, commented, ‘We worked with CleverVoice to roll out a campaign to encourage lapsed customers back to the Racing UK TV channel by offering a free month’s viewing. Previously, we had used direct response television (DRTV) which proved to be a successful way to recruit customers, but we also wanted to test response rates using alternative direct marketing tools. The CleverVoice campaign worked well for us; we used leading jockey Hayley Turner’s voice to attract customer interest and received a good level of response.”

“We have successfully used CleverVoice in the past but for this campaign we utilised the new Hot Call Transfer function, which allows customers to go straight through to our call centre with one click. Nearly three quarters of respondents chose to be put through directly to our call centre. The customer experience of the campaign was very positive, as they were served immediately, and we also reduced our cost as we did not need to invest as much in staff time for the call centre. The CleverVoice campaign was very successful, with around a fifth of the respondents converting to full paying customers. We are looking to use CleverVoice again in future campaigns, based on this success,” continued Cottrell.

CleverVoice is also an effective platform for delivering messages to multiple recipients as part of internal communications, emergency broadcasts and for confirming event attendance and appointment setting. As a cloud-based system it is easy and cost effective to use, and is priced on a per message sent model with no set-up or on-going licensing fee.

Kate Hall, Executive Officer of Bob Champion Cancer Trust has used CleverVoice to broadcast important information out with the vital personal, sensitive touch that was required, but also with reduced set-up and management times as well. “We saw very high listening rates at over 70%, and this approach helped to drive participation in an important and highly successful fundraising event, minimising last-minute drop-outs,” said Hall. “CleverVoice was easy to use – our data was uploaded and a message sent in just a few minutes. Knowing exactly who had listened to the messages was useful. We had good feedback that our supporters liked getting the messages in this way.”

About CleverVoice
CleverVoice enables organisations to creatively deliver information and campaign messages straight to SMS and voice mail, allowing users to pick up and respond to messages quickly and easily. The cloud-based service is quick to set up and can be used in a variety of situations including direct mail campaign follow-up, up-selling and cross-selling, client retention, corporate news dissemination, emergency broadcasts, confirming event attendance and appointment setting. CleverVoice is used by organisations across all vertical sectors, from charities looking to boost donations or to broadcast disaster appeals, dedicated services organisations managing subscriptions or renewals through to companies running general marketing and awareness campaigns that need to reach multiple recipients in a matter of minutes. For further information email:, or