CleverVoice launches new innovative service linked to premium SMS

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October 12, 2014
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July 20, 2015
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CleverVoice launches new innovative service linked to premium SMS

CleverVoice have launched a new innovative service for charities, so that when a donation is made by a premium SMS, instantly a thank you voicemail message can be sent out automatically by the charity, to each donor.

To try it out, just text the word "CLEVER2" to 82727 and you will immediately get a dummy PSMS (no charge made) to your phone, and then immediately afterwards, a CleverVoice message will be sent to you – showing how the service works end-to-end.

CleverVoice have worked with the market leading PSMS provider Cymba to bring the new innovative service to market.

If a charity wishes, the voice messages can be a reward for a donation – with a message from a celebrity possibly linked directly to the charity for maximum impact – or a past beneficiary of the charity’s work. This approach was been taken by Save the Children to donors after the Tacloban cyclone disaster and by UNICEF after the Commonwealth Games with Sir Chris Hoy thanking donors – however a few weeks after the donation was made. The new approach makes this process an instant one.

If desired, the voice messages can carry a competition. Recipients can be offered to choose from interactive options having heard the message – so they can pick the right answer from the competition – and have the chance to win a special prize.

Having listened to the message, charities can offer the recipients the ability to be put through to a number such as the charity itself, or their call centre agency.

CleverVoice’s Chief Executive, Keith Hawkins, said:

"Many of CleverVoice’s major charity clients have used our service successfully in the past to send out messages sometime after a donation has been made – ahead of making outbound calls, or where they have not managed to reach people. Charities can now thank people as soon as they have donated – instantly building a deeper relationship.

We are pleased to be working with the market leaders Cymba on this new development that will help charities in their work by making donations work even better for them – building a relationship with donors."