Send thousands of people a Christmas “Thank You” message… without Santa’s help

When you’re Father Christmas, running a global organisation, you must surely wonder how you can thank all those helpful elves quickly and efficiently, yet as personally as possible, at probably the busiest time of the year.

There’s a very simple solution – and not just for Santa – but for any boss who would like to thank perhaps thousands of staff, suppliers or customers in a matter of seconds.

The answer is a personalised message sent to each of them, which arrives as a text message, but contains a link they can click on (at a time that suits them) which connects to a voicemail from the you, the boss, (or maybe Santa, or a brand ambassador etc…).

This voice-based telecoms service, CleverVoice, can benefit all sorts of organisations, whether it’s a charity that wants to thank donors, a director who wants to congratulate sales staff, or, say, a non-governmental organisation that wants to acknowledge the work done by an army of volunteers.

What makes the service really special are three smart advantages – firstly, it’s not like “old school” telecoms systems, where you can only leave a voicemail if the person you’re trying to call doesnt pick up their mobile phone, which means you can only ring one person at a time and run the risk of disturbing them.

With CleverVoice you can send the same message to as many people as you wish at the same time, without that risk.

Plus, a normal voicemail isn’t interactive, but with CleverVoice you can set up options for recipients to respond to and it’s “trackable” – in other words, you can see who has listened to your message, festive or otherwise.

Finally, unlike Father Christmas, who has to whizz around the globe with his reindeer on just one night, you can spread goodwill far more simply – send messages to any mobile phone, anywhere in the world from the cosy comfort of your office or home, without troubling a single elf.

You simply “pay as you go” (the recipient pays nothing) and there’s no software to download either.

So if you want to almost effortlessly pay tribute to your hard-working team for a brilliant year, tell customers how much you’ve valued their custom in 2017, or thank an array of suppliers for the part they’ve played in your record-breaking year, CleverVoice makes it as simple as, well, pulling a cracker.

So why not send a verbal message of festive cheer far and wide?

…And then maybe send another to wish everyone a Happy New Year too!