April 28, 2014
October 12, 2014
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Lawrence Rand

We have been using the new CleverVoice voicemail system integrated within Reapit’s software and have had some great results; being able to get in touch with our applicants in personal way, hundreds at a time, letting them know of new instructions and price changes.

Using CleverVoice has enabled us to reach a much wider number of people in a cost and time effective way with good feedback from applicants on the service. They like the fact that they haven’t been disturbed by a call at an inconvenient time and can respond to the voicemail to get the service they wish, without needing to call back. It is good to see responses within minutes of a CleverVoice voicemail being sent, coming into our inbox. We also know then who to approach and who is serious about the message sent to them. We have seen good response rates already at 16% of applicants wanting viewings or more information on properties. As customers get more used to the service, we expect these rates to rise.

Lawrence Rand will be using CleverVoice in many more ways: getting touch with landlords, tenants, offering services and market surveys. It is an easy and effective way to be in touch with people to do business with, how else can I get in touch with dozens or hundreds of people, where the personal touch is important with the same message, in a few minutes!

I believe this is a fantastic business tool and a great way to get an edge in a highly competitive and fast moving market. I recommend anyone in the estate agency world to seriously look into CleverVoice; I can see it also being used in other sectors where people need to get information out to a lot of people, in a more personal and powerful way, that a voice message does and get an immediate response