April 28, 2014
April 28, 2014
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Racing UK

Racing UK, a leading satellite and cable channel dedicated to horse racing, has used the CleverVoice system and new Hot Transfer Call feature to increase its subscriptions. Clive Cottrell, Director of Marketing at Racing UK, commented, ‘We worked with CleverVoice to roll out a campaign to encourage lapsed customers back to the Racing UK TV channel by offering a free month’s viewing. Previously, we had used direct response television (DRTV) which proved to be a successful way to recruit customers, but we also wanted to test response rates using alternative direct marketing tools. The CleverVoice campaign worked well for us; we used leading jockey Hayley Turner’s voice to attract customer interest and received a good level of response.

We have successfully used CleverVoice in the past but for this campaign we utilised the new Hot Call Transfer function, which allows customers to go straight through to our call centre with one click. Nearly three quarters of respondents chose to be put through directly to our call centre. The customer experience of the campaign was very positive as they were served immediately, and we also reduced our cost as we did not need to invest as much in staff time for the call centre. The CleverVoice campaign was very successful, with around a fifth of the respondents converting to full paying customers. We are looking to use CleverVoice again in future campaigns, based on this success.

We worked with CleverVoice to target our lapsed customers, ahead of The Cheltenham Festival, as part of our major marketing campaign. CleverVoice sent a voice message from the jockey Ruby Walsh, reminding them of Racing UK and explaining a special offer to re-join. This worked well alongside our other direct marketing and advertising activity – with the messages going out in bulk seamlessly.

Overall, Racing UK’s campaign was highly successful, and we were pleased with the contribution CleverVoice made – with very high conversion rates at c. 55% from the qualified leads generated, to become our customers once more, when called by SKY’s call centre.