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October 12, 2014
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October 12, 2014
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CleverVoice has been used by WaterAid to help build engagement with their donors for a major campaign – The Big Dig – seeking to raise £1.2m to help give 134,000 people in rural Malawi clean and safe water.

The donors send premium texts in response to a radio advertising campaign, featuring DJs across the country – including Loz and Keith at Kerrang Radio! Nigel Williams at Jazz FM and David Heane at Real Radio . Whilst being very easy for the donor, it doesn’t enable the charity to know who the person is – all they have is the mobile number. By using CleverVoice to send a message to the numbers, the donor is firstly thanked in the alert – and also teased into listening to the message by the relevant celebrity – with different messages sent out linked to the source of the donation.

The celebrity messages encourage donors to follow progress of the campaign – and see where their money is being spent and the results. Building involvement is key to WaterAid – and the data generated will enable those more engaged to be selected for future activity.

CleverVoice has brought another level of exciting innovation to WaterAid’s Big Dig Appeal. It has offered us a great opportunity to return to our supporters with messages of thanks directly from the celebrity DJs they texted in to which creates real continuity with the radio appeal.

Throughout the campaign, our CleverVoice messages, both from radio DJs and from the field, encourage supporters to visit the blog to see how the work is progressing in Malawi and the difference their gifts are making. With listen rates already exceeding targets at over 30% we’re hoping this will help ‘close the gap’ and deepen supporter engagement.

As a process it’s quick and straightforward to use, very flexible in terms of content and with realtime results, it’s very easy to target and refine the journey. We’re looking forward to understanding how CleverVoice has impacted on the stewardship of these new supporters and how their support of WaterAid continues.