Why keeping in touch can help keep talent

Make sure it’s YOUR voice customers hear when they’re stranded in a ‘snow-go zone’
December 11, 2017
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Why keeping in touch can help keep talent

Take a quick look around your office – who’s the person most likely to leave the company – the talented “bright spark” or the unhappy under-performer?

Gallup research last month looked at staff who had been at firms for 10+ years and found that “Highly talented employees who are not engaged were among those who had the highest turnover in each organization”.

Gallup went on: “The cardinal sin of management is not engaging an employee who is a good fit for their role.”

“Engagement” can mean many things to many people, but internal communication has to be at the heart of that.

So if you could find a way to be in touch with all or many of your staff in a quick, simple and voice-based personalised way that lets them interact, and allows you to track who has responded and when, that would surely tick so many “best practice” boxes and boost performance?

Maybe you want those staff to hear you:

  • update them each week on sales targets and progress
  • give them feedback on a major project
  • ask their view on an internal plan
  • thank them for a job well done
  • share success stories.

Well, all of these can be achieved at the click of a button with CleverVoice – it’s the smart new way to reach hundreds or thousands of people in an instant – when it suits them – through a powerful voice message from you.

It won’t cause their phone to ring – so they’re not disturbed by a call – they simply listen to your voice message it when it’s convenient, at no cost to them.

Let’s face it, the power of your voice to convey a message is so much better than yet another email or text that can be lost in a deluge of written communication.

The service is great for contacting groups of employees, clients, or for direct marketing. It’s simple to use and you “pay as you go”, with each message received costing you around 15 pence (and less on larger volumes).

That’s a tiny cost compared to the loss of staff, recruiting replacements, flagging morale or an unmotivated workforce.

Don’t just take our word for the value of CleverVoice – one of our customers, Lee Gittings, Sales Director at the pharmaceutical giant Ingelheim Boehringer, says, “We are seeing a confirmed listen rate to my messages of over 70 per cent – much higher than traditional messages have delivered for us.”

Gallup describes the winning formula for long-term high performance as:

Talent x Engagement x Tenure

CleverVoice can be a key part of that formula.

Try it for free here!