The CleverVoice benefits

Powerful & personal

Better than text or email – say what you want to say, in your own voice – but without disturbing people with an inconvenient & intrusive call. Stand out by delivering a more personal and emotional message.

Quick & simple

Easy to use – no software to download. You can send messages to any mobile phone, anywhere in the world.


Recipients get a personalised alert message which can say who the message is from and the subject (rather than just “you’ve got voicemail”) – so they can choose to listen immediately, or wait until convenient.


An event can trigger a pre-loaded message going out to an individual - using CleverVoice Instant. Try our demonstration: CleverVoice Instant

Proud to have worked with…

How it works


    Paul Leadbitter
  • CleverVoice provides a very exciting new response channel for marketers. You can’t get any kind of response, of course, without first getting attention - and this is where SMS excels.  Most consumers feel compelled to check their SMS messages as soon as they can. Adding powerful voice messages to this, is an exciting development. Having the ability to make the voice messages then interactive means they can drive instant action.
    Paul Leadbitter
    Financial Services Marketing and Customer Development Consultant
  • It’s easy to use for both me and the recipients of my messages. I particularly like how I can gather data: such as how many people have listened to my message. I have also sent out a survey using CleverVoice, and the vast majority of the field force finds this format of weekly updates very useful and engaging.
    Lee Gittings,
    Sales Director - Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer used CleverVoice to improve the number of people being reached by its "Touch Look Check" campaign. We had attempted to call people requesting our brochure, to get their details - but couldn't get through to some people.

    After the initial calling, we used the CleverVoice messages to encourage people to speak to us, using a voice message sent by Gaby Roslin as an Ambassador for our charity.

    All the recipients would have seen the SMS alert from Gaby, and we saw healthy listen rates to her message. We were able to distribute extra guides -  potentially saving lives - and in addition conversion to making donations rose, with a strong increase of 28% against our benchmark. We plan to use CleverVoice again  later in the year, after this successful first campaign

    Matthew Jupe
    Direct Marketing Manager - Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • CleverVoice has been used by WaterAid to help build engagement with their donors for a major campaign – The Big Dig – seeking to raise £1.2m to help give 134,000 people in rural Malawi clean and safe water. The donors send premium texts in response to a radio advertising campaign, featuring DJs across the country – including Loz and Keith...
    Michelle Jueno
    Senior Direct Marketing Officer - WaterAid
  • We have been using the new CleverVoice voicemail system integrated within Reapit's software and have had some great results; being able to get in touch with our applicants in personal way, hundreds at a time, letting them know of new instructions and price changes.
    Peter Lawrence
    Founder - Lawrence Rand
  • For the highly successful 2014 Gherkin climb – the NSPCC used CleverVoice to send messages from Peter Wanless, the CEO, to help recruit climbers. Nearer the event, we sent a message to remind participants of the date and the importance of raising funds – using an Ambassador to drive interest. The event participants were up over 40% on the 2013...
    Adam Lewis
    Participation Events Team - NSPCC
  • Whizz-Kidz used CleverVoice ahead of the London Marathon, to talk to those taking part in support of our charity. We saw very high listen rates at 64% – and it proved to be a highly cost effective way to get a powerful voice message to people – thanking and encouraging more fundraising activity. The service was very easy to use...
    Ruth Owen OBE
    CEO, Whizz-Kidz
  • Racing UK, a leading satellite and cable channel dedicated to horse racing, has used the CleverVoice system and new Hot Transfer Call feature to increase its subscriptions. Clive Cottrell, Director of Marketing at Racing UK, commented, ‘We worked with CleverVoice to roll out a campaign to encourage lapsed customers back to the Racing UK TV channel by offering a free...
    Clive Cottrell
    Director of Marketing - Racing UK
  • NRS have tested CleverVoice both internally and on behalf of our media clients. We found that customers are generally happy to receive messages in this way and, where there is a strong connection with the media company/celebrity voice, we saw good listening rates – as high as 57% for messages marketing our events. Almost 100% of those listening to the voice messages, listened to the very end.
    Rod Power
    Managing Director - NRS MEDIA (EUROPE)
  • Using CleverVoice has worked really well for us for a series of events, getting important information out in a quick and easy way – but with the personal touch we wanted. With very high listening rates at over 70%, it helped to drive participation in important and highly successful fundraising events, minimising last-minute drop-outs – indeed this year we saw no one drop out at all on the day.
    Kate Hall
    Executive Officer - Bob Champion Cancer Trust