How do you communicate when a cyber attack spells silence for systems?

Cyber attacks are a constant threat to any organisation. Being able to communicate in the midst of one can be key to how quickly a business recovers. However,  a “systems lock-down” can make that almost impossible. What can mitigate the impact of the attack, stem financial losses and boost staff confidence?

The answer is a system that operates entirely independently of an internal communications network – that’s CleverVoice.

CleverVoice combines the power of text and voice messages and interactivity.

The text alert that all recipients receive can carry key information – perhaps flagging the problem – and directs recipients to listen to a voice message, say from the CEO. It can quickly convey information and crucially give reassurance in a way written communications can’t. Like a normal voicemail, recipients can go back and listen as many times as they wish.

It works at any time, anywhere in the world when normal company phone/voicemail systems might be compromised if they use VOIP. Each staffer’s contact details can be allocated to groups, so all can be reached at once, or specific groups can receive different information.

When messages are sent out, those who have listened to a message can be seen in real time. A full audit trail of who was contacted when and any interactions is stored.

That means those who have not been reached/responded can be identified and focused on as a sub-group, perhaps for direct phone calls.

The system is highly secure and only the recipients of the messages can call in to retrieve their message, using the phone it was sent to.

So a cyber attack doesn’t have to condemn an organisation to silence – CleverVoice gives a vital voice to victims at the time when they need it most.


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