CleverVoice launches Hot Call Transfer functionality

CleverVoice has launched a new powerful feature, enabling recipients of voice messages to be put straight through to a telephone number designated by the sender. This “Hot Call Transfer” is ideal for organisations looking for immediate action from those listening – such as signing up to or renewing a service, or making a charitable donation after hearing a powerful appeal message.

Just one touch after hearing a message puts the listeners straight through to the sender’s number – and as they are choosing to listen to their messages when convenient, there is a high likelihood of them acting there and then.

The transfer concept makes CleverVoice even more powerful – especially when coupled with the real-time tracking that enables senders to see who has listened and who has used the Hot Call Transfer functionality – or other choices that can be offered, such as ‘request a call back’ or ‘more information to be sent’.

Having customers transferred using the Hot Call Transfer feature avoids costly repeated outbound calling by senders to prospects – and limits the feeling of intrusion if the call is made at an inconvenient time. With the customer in control, the reaction is better – and makes a positive outcome more likely.

After successful beta testing, clients have started to offer the Hot Call Transfer – and when given the choice of either have their call transferred or being called back circa 70% of recipients are choosing the Transfer option.

For a demonstration of the Hot Call Transfer, please contact CleverVoice